Pat Pataranutaporn

Director of Innovation

About Pat

Pat Pataranutaporn is a creative biologist, artist, designer, coder and an undergrad student at College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Arizona State University. His work examines a range from environmental biotechnology to interactive technology at the intersection of biology, DIY, and computation. Right now he is a research fellow at the Biodesign Institute, School of Art, Media + Engineering, and also the cofounder of the award winning technology startup, Humanity X and BioX. In launching Humanity X, Pat serves as the Director of Innovation. Pat has many years of experience working as a project leader in both creative and scientific research projects. Pat’s contribution is in leading, and designing all of the visual elements in ARKHumanity, along with designing user experience and user interface. In addition, he is the coordinator between the technical side and the humanity side of this project by orchestrating people, resources and is instrumental in developing innovative solutions to keep moving the project forward.