Humanity Design is a resources for designing technology, innovative solution, and product that is emphasizing Humanity 101 by ASU Project Humanities (integrity, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, self-reflection, empathy and respect).

Designing for Everyone

Products that are created to suit a few people’s needs often turn out to be better for all.

- MIT Press -

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How to use drones for social benefits?

By Joyce Riha Linik, Phys.org

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Virtual Reality for Real-World Problems

By Blake J. Harris, fastcompany

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Elon Musk Launch OpenAI, startup for social good

By Eric Mack, Forbes

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Delivering hope to humanity through technology

By Lauren Gilmore, Insider

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ARKHumanity, a proactive technology to help save lives


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How the Internet of Things can be used for social good

The Venture

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Choosing to do what is right, no matter what.


Choosing to care about others.


Choosing to help others.


Choosing to let go and embrace a new beginning.


Choosing to think from another’s perspective.


Choosing to acknowledge others beyond their perspectives and actions.


Choosing to continuously examine yourself and consider possibilities of change.

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Hacks For Humanity

The mission of Hacks for Humanity 2015 is to create technology solutions and initiatives that will contribute to the social good and address the needs of humanity using the 7 principles of the Humanity 101 movement: respect, kindness, integrity, forgiveness, empathy, compassion, self-reflection.

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Cultivating a community of practice dedicated to the application of technology and data science for public benefit. Imagine a group of techies, programmers, developers, humanites, artist, students, educators, and creative visionaries gathered in one place to build technology solutions to address pressing issues facing humanity.

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Lauch your Hackathon

Supporting the development and provision of innovative technology for social impact.

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